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Your Comfort Shoes "Red Shoe" started out as an answer to a big frustration I had with Podiatry clients. They kept asking me, as a Podiatrist, where could I get shoes that where comfortable for my feet and looked good and felt great on my feet? Not having to make an epic journey through the city to get to shoes.  I had a clinic near Brisbane my clients would have to travel up to 50-60km in peak hour traffic just to get to a place to try on shoes! And not be guaranteed that they would get anything on arrival. Frustrating .. YES, Waste of valuable time … YES to say the least.

So I had the idea …what if ….???

What if I could provide a range of Comfort Shoes via mail order. Is it possible and could it work. So I went to work and from it came the idea of Your Comfort Shoes.

You see like you and many of our customers … we are all busy during the week with work, family, running kids to sports and dancing on weekends and if I’m lucky I might get 1 hour to myself in the evenings. You know what I mean. I personally don’t have the time to get out and try on shoes. Many of the Podiatry clients I see are the same boat. Professional and business mums, mums supporting their husband in business, grandmothers helping to babysit their grandchildren and retirees too busy to travel to get shoes.

So I thought, if I’m in the same boat and my clients are telling me similar things about their frustrations of having to travel vast distances, with no guarantee they will have success at the end then why not see if I can have comfort shoes delivered to your door and see if that works.

And here is what we have for you … Your Comfort Shoes Delivered To Your Door.

During the research stages of Your Comfort Shoes I discovered something really interesting about our ideal client like you. Your typically a woman over the age of 37 years with a family, mortgage, couple of cars and in most cases has private health insurance. You either have children, your children are leaving the nest or your children are grown up, you are fancy free looking to travel and get about and enjoy retirement. But one thing binds all these generations together. You all value your health, and having feet that feel and look great in comfortable shoes.. Comfortable shoes is the start of that journey. You see that having comfortable shoes that make you look and feel great is important to you and as a result of this keeping you fit, active and moving.

So I would recommend that you look at joining at least our newsletter. You will get regular weekly chats video's from us and from time to time we will send you little goodies special offers, promotional offers and product launch offers.

Enjoy our website, I look forward to some day meeting with you at one of our events that we put on from time to time and helping you with your comfort shoes and being the place to go for all your comfort shoe and running needs.

Take Care

Ben form Comfort Shoes


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