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About Your Comfort Shoes

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Your Comfort Shoes idea started out as an answer to a big frustration that Podiatry clients had. They kept asking me, “… where could I get shoes that where comfortable for my feet and fit orthotics? And not having to travel all over the countryside?” … You see in the practice area I work in near Brisbane, clients like yourself would have to travel up to 50-60km in peak hour traffic just to get to a place to try on shoes! And not be guaranteed that they would get anything on arrival. Frustrating .. YES!!! Waste of valuable time … YES to say the least.

So I had the idea …what if ….???

What if I could provide a range of Comfort Shoes for clients and what if I could have them sent to their door. Is it possible and could it work? So I went to work and from it came the idea of Your Comfort Shoes.

You see like you … I’m busy and during the week with work, family, running kids to sports and dancing on weekends and if I’m lucky I might get 1 hour to myself in the evenings. You know what I mean. With the pace of life these days and in all likelihood, I personally don’t have the time to get out and try on shoes. Many of the Podiatry clients I see are the same boat. Career women, working mothers, Mothers supporting their husband in business or with their husbands careers, grandmothers helping to babysit their grandchildren. Or you maybe retirees who are too busy travelling and enjoying yourself to get shoes.

So I thought, if I’m in the same boat and my clients are telling me the same problems and frustrations of having to travel vast distances with no guarantee they will have success at the end. Then let’s see if I can have comfort shoes delivered to your door and see if that works.

And here it is … Your Comfort Shoes … "imagine Comfort ShoesThat Make YouFeel Great!"

During the research stages of Your Comfort Shoes I discovered something really interesting about our ideal client like you. Your typically a woman over the age of 37 years with a family, mortgage, maybe a couple of cars and in most cases has private health insurance. You either have children, your children are leaving the nest or your children are grown up. You could be fancy free looking to travel and get about and enjoy retirement. But one thing binds you and all these generations together. You all value your health and having feet that feel comfortable. You see it as important and want to keep active, fit and moving. Agree? … I think so

The other interesting thing when doing my research … I posed this question … “if you had a magic wand … what it is you would love to have?” … most people laughed and joked about having a magic fairy godmother that would come whenever there was trouble and magically make all their problems vanish and disappear. Or at least help them with solutions. Which we all gave us some lighter moments … its funny what gets talked about in the office of a Podiatrist.

So here’s what I decided. Is that all our VIP members deserve to have a fairy godmother watching over them offering you support and encouragement. Even sometimes offering you a nice, juicy magic special you cant resist. Your fairy godmother wants to support you in having the best life possible. Starting with comfortable feet. You will get regular communication from her and from time to time when you join with your comfort shoes as a VIP Membership or VIP Platinum Membership you will get our special offers and promotional offers.

Enjoy our website, most importantly though is join our VIP Program or VIP Platinum Program so you get access to some special rewards, special offers and SAVINGS on your purchases. I look forward to some day meeting with you at one of our events that we put on from time to time and helping you have healthier feet.

Lots of Love and Care …

Aka “Your Fairy Godmother of Your Comfort Shoes”

P.S We don’t do discounts or specials to the general public. It is only by joining our VIP or VIP Platinum Program will you have access to our special offers and bundles so join now …. join our VIP Program or VIP Platinum Program

P.P.S Referrals are also an important part of our business. Go to our refer and earn page to see how to refer and earn.

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