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Reviews and Feedback


Reviews and feedback in the form of video testimonials emailed to us via your iphone, android, tablet of video on laptop are really important part of doing business with us.


Because reviews and feedback with your video greatly helps people like yourself who are thinking about investing in comfort shoes get a sense that they are going to be looked after during and after their purchase.

You see when people first come to the website, they a fearful, doubting and weary whether firstly we are legitimate business and secondly that you feel and they feel they will be taken care of. We know our clients, like you are savvy people who eye everything on the internet with caution until delivered. Like you when you first visited, our new clients want to see and hear about experiences that people like you have had. It helps them make their buying decision easier, gives them a sense that Your Comfort Shoes will be there for them. Most importantly that they will be safe, looked after and taken care of. New clients to the website, like you, want to know that it’s safe and secure doing business with us and they can trust us to deliver to them.

So it helps us greatly when you send us a video testimonial talking about your shoes and how they have helped you and your family and how interacting with our business has worked for you and how you think it could help others as well. Introduced yourself full name and place of residence. If you are in business mention your business name as well.

E.G “Hi this is John Smith From ABC Cleaners Brisbane Australia …” Talk about the website and how you felt about it, talk about the shoes you purchased and what they feel like and the benefits you have experienced from wearing the shoes. E.G “…My Hoka One One Stinsons help to relieve my foot pain.” How your shoes have changed or impacted your feet in a positive way. How you found it dealing with our company. And why you would recommend other people to use our website.

Like personal referrals you give … video testimonials are the best way you can reward us for getting Your Comfort Shoes Delivered To Your Door in 7 Business Days or Less!

On the flip side … if we haven’t delivered what you expected or performed … we ask for your feedback. Because I know with your feedback, we can quickly correct the problem and as a result we get better as time goes on and you and your friends, family and work colleagues get a better and better experience.

Please send your reviews and feedback and video testimonials to

P.S. Your reviews and feedback will be used on three main media. 1. Our website, 2.Our social media pages, 3. Our You Tube Channel. If you don’t want to do your reviews and feedback via video, then a hand written letter either scanned and emailed or photographed using your smartphone and emailed to would be great.

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